MFA and the Polycom VVX

The Web Sign-in option only works for Skype for Business Online accounts.

Firmware versions tested: &
Phone used for test: Polycom VVX 600
The following is a step by step guide on how to sign-in a Polycom VVX IP phone to Skype for Business Online using an account enabled for MFA.

The process is pretty painless and worked at the first time of trying, which is always nice.

The phone will also sign back in after a reboot/power outage.

Step by step guide

  1. Click the “Sign In” button. Image01
  2. If you don’t see the screen, press the physical Home button and it will take you to the above screen.
  3. You should have 3 options:
    1. User ID
    2. Via PC
    3. Web Sign-in
  4. Select “Web Sign-in”:
  5. The phone will display a code. The code is uniquely generated for each phone and each login attempt. Make a note of the code. Image03
  6. Navigate to and enter the code from the phone.Image04
  7. The site will automatically check the code and if valid show the following message:Image05
  8. Click “Continue”
  9. At this point, you will be re-directed to the standard Office 365 login page. Select the account you want to use:Image06
  10. At the prompt enter the account password and click “Sign in”.Image07
  11. At the prompt enter the 6 digit MFA code and click “Verify”.Image08
  12. If everything worked you will be redirected to the following page:Image09
  13. The phone should now be logging in. From this point onwards the sign-in process is the same regardless of the sign-in method used.
  14. Find the Skype for Business Online serviceImage10
  15. Downloads the SfB generated certificate.Image11
  16. Set a phone lock code. This can be disabled via SfB policy. Image12
  17. Confirm code.
  18. A handy note about how to change the Lock code, it will disappear after a few seconds.
  19. Click “Skip”.
  20. All done. The phone is logged in and ready for useImage16

This is also the process to use if you are using a Skype for Business Common Area Account.

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