Rack and cabling


This was nice and straightforward. The two Dell R710 at the bottom, 3 Cisco switches, 2 Cisco Routers and 1 Synology  NAS. Neatly stacked. 


The cabling

The next challenge was to get a network cable from the garage to the study.

I did consider using Wi-Fi or Ethernet over Power(EoP) however, I discounted both. Wi-Fi is too unreliable and when I’ve tried EoP in the past I got slow speeds and frequent disconnects.

So a good old fashioned cable was the solution. Three options for running the network cable:

  1. Get in a professional to do the job – This wouldn’t have made a very interesting blog post…
  2. Install a network socket in the wall and run a cable down the inside of the wall – prefered options
  3. Drill a hole in the floor and run the cable through that – simplest.

So with Option 2 selected and a quick trip to B&Q, Wickes and Screwfix for supplies, I was ready to get started.

Step one was cutting the hole for the socket, to be honest, this is when things started to go wrong. There wasn’t enough clearance between the plasterboard and the breeze block wall to fit the socket. There also wasn’t enough room to actually drill a hole in the cavity between the plasterboard and breeze block wall.


With Option 2 a non-starter (well apart from the hole in wall :/), I started on option 3. This went surprisingly smoothly, I used a 25mm drill bit for the hole along with a drill extender to get all the way through. I then ran a section of plastic 24mm piping to line the hole and make it easier to replace the cable in the future. I fitted a mounting box to the garage ceiling to tidy up the hole. Finally, fitted some stick-on trunking to keep the cable out of the way.

Connection in the study:


Connection in the garage


Overall, pretty happy with how it all turned out and wasn’t as difficult as I expected.

Bonus blog post:

I learnt how to fix holes in plasterboard

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